ADD:Yaozhen Village, Zhitang Town, Changshu (Yaozhen Station of No. 204 National Road)
FAX:0512-52558691 52511652 52553881
TEL:0512-52551952 52511651 52553881
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辉焊接器材有限公司Changshu Minghui Welding Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in November 1982, is a professional manufacturer of Ministry of Machinery Industry producing electrode alloy materials, soldering pliers and welding tool. The leading product — “Changhe” chromium zirconium copper was awarded “Jiangsu High-quality Product” in 1991, “Suzhou Famous-brand Product” in 2003 and “Jiangsu New High-tech Product” in 2005. In 2006,“Chromium Zirconium Copper Electrode Cap for Robot” obtained national intention patent.

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